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Got Allergies?

If so, you are not alone. Approximately 80% of the population does. Often there are simple ways of dealing with them. If your allergies are not severe, you may learn to live with the symptoms and go happily on your way. Or if they do cause excessive or severe symptoms, simply avoiding the offending substance can be all you need to do to find relief.

Unfortunately, many allergens are impossible to avoid, or symptoms are too extreme and uncomfortable to live with, even life threatening. So what can you do to regain and retain your health?

 How do you find relief?

You could see a conventional allergist, undergo skin testing, and get allergy shots. These tests, however, can be unreliable, the shots ineffective, or may take a long time to take effect, if they do at all. And often, after the shots are discontinued, the allergies return.

                                                        Alternate Solution

I have an alternative for you to try. Submit the name of substance to which you are allergic and I will eliminate the allergy free of charge. Here is how you do it:

 Free Allergy Elimination

To demonstrate distant NAET is effective, I will eliminate your allergy from a distance free of charge with no further obligation to continue treatment. In many cases your allergy will be eliminated within 24 hours. Just follow these 3 guidelines:

1. If possible, submit an allergy to which you react quickly after being exposed to it.

2. If you have one, only submit a food allergy.

3. Do not submit your worst allergy. The worse the allergy, the stronger the immune system must be to eliminate  it. (You develop a strong immune system by eliminating less severe allergies first).

Complete the form below and click the "submit" button.

Or you can email me the details at

 (any information you submit will be kept confidential and not stored on the website. I never release information to third parties)



24 hours after treatment

By now your allergy should be permanently eliminated. If not, contact me and I will re-treat you free of charge as often as it takes to eliminate the allergy. Sometimes treatment takes more than one time, but in 80%-90% of cases, it only takes once. Here is how to check.

 Want to eliminate the rest of your allergies?

All you need to do is fill out the patient form here, submit it to me and we will get started. Fees are $95 for the initial evaluation and consultation and $60 per treatment.

 Additional FAQ on NAET

I should point out that, although I have had NAET training, what I do is not strictly NAET. By definition distance NAET is not officially NAET. NAET at a distance is not taught during NAET training. Regardless, since I have found I can treat at a distance as effectively as in an office setting, it is what I choose to do.


At the top of the page are some links to explanations of distance treating in general, NAET distance treating in particular, plus other links I hope you find useful. Please pay special attention to the  "Testing an allergy after treatment" section.

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