NAET is based upon the principles of oriental medicine which state that good health is dependent upon the free flow of life energy, chi, through channels in the body called meridians.  Anything will naturally generate its own field of energy.  Some of these energetic fields will be incompatible with your chi and, if close enough to you, will disrupt the free flow of your own energy through your energy pathways.

When this energy flow is blocked, health problems develop.  The severity and nature of the problems depend upon the extent of the restriction of the energy flow, location of the blockage, and its duration.

If you were in a perfect state of balance and good health, nothing would have an energy field incompatible with your own. Until this state is reached, inevitably you encounter something incompatible with your energy field.

NAET resolves this issue of incompatibility.


While you are in the presence of something blocking the energy flow in your body (this would be an allergen in NAET terms--a much broader definition of an allergy than the classical one), through the application of acupressure on specific points along the spine, the blocked energy pathways are opened and chi is allowed to flow. The body then realizes the flow of energy is possible even in the presence of the energy blocking substance.

The next time the body is in the presence of this substance, it remembers what happened during the acupressure session and allows the energy to flow through the formerly blocked channels.  The NAET treatment has re-trained the body to always allow the flow of chi in the presence of this allergen, in effect resetting the "computer" in the central nervous system which regulates the flow of energy.

After twenty-four hours, the time it takes for energy to completely circulate through all energy pathways, the "computer" is permanently reset and the substance which was formerly obstructing the free flow of chi no longer blocks it. If the treatment is passed completely--i.e. if the treatment clears all the energy pathways in the twenty-four hour period--you should never react to this substance again.

These are the principles upon which NAET is based.


Distant treating utilizes this principle of NAET and adds an additional element--treating from a distance. Distance treating is a very simple process for the patient.

I do all that is necessary to complete a successful treatment and keep you informed of what I am doing. You need only let me know how you are feeling as the treatments progress.

Although communication with patients is usually done by email, you may elect to use the phone if you like.


The order in which NAET practitioners eliminate allergies has been determined by what we have learned from treating thousands of patients for the last seventeen years. From this cumulative experience we have distilled an order of checking for and eliminating allergies which allows us to be most effective while doing the fewest number of treatments.

Eliminating allergies in this order also allows you the best chance of passing and holding treatments on the first try--and avoiding possible severe reactions to treatment that can occur if treatments are administered out of order to patients who are very reactive.

We first check for allergic response to basic nutrients--items such as proteins, calcium, B vitamins, sugars, and minerals--substances essential to life.  You may not be allergic to any of these items, but if we find you allergic to any of them, we try to treat them first.  Of course if you are experiencing extreme discomfort from allergies other than these, we eliminate them first.

Elimination of these basic allergens is very broad-based and can eliminate the need to treat a lot of food items--and even some environmental allergens--separately later.

An allergic reaction to any of these basic substances is a continuous process (called an autoimmune response) because they are always present in the body. These continuous reactions are capable of immense damage,  progressively fatiguing and weakening the immune system.

Once allergies to the most basic items have been eliminated, we eliminate any remaining food allergies we find.  We have then established a solid basis for eliminating any environmental or other type of allergies we discover which are next on the list.



After I have tested and found you allergic to an item, I will treat and email you that I have done so. When testing indicates we have eliminated this allergy, I will test you for additional allergies in the order dictated by NAET protocol and treat as necessary, according to a mutually agreed upon schedule.

I will keep you informed of everything I do and your test results. You need to keep me informed of any changes you experience---or lack of changes---both physically and emotionally, as the treatment progresses.

Your NAET treatments will be a cooperative effort between you and myself.  By providing me with feedback, you will prove invaluable in helping me determine the course of your treatment.


This a question everyone asks, and to which I always have to reply--because each individual is unique, there is no way of predicting how long you will need to eliminate your allergies or how many treatments you will need.

Some individuals have few allergies and pass all their treatments on the first try with no complications.   Patients with a lot of allergies, long term health problems, or severely compromised immune systems often take longer to respond. They may require multiple treatments, even for one substance, in order to eliminate many of their allergies.

And don't be surprised if you have to eliminate a few allergies before you see a change in your condition. Allergic symptoms are often the result of the complex interaction of many allergens and it may take the elimination of several allergies before you notice improvements.


For further understanding, I strongly suggest you buy and read Say Goodbye to Illness by Devi Nambudripad, the developer of the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique.

This excellent book explains the theory behind, and practice of, NAET. It is filled with success stories and case histories, many of which, as an allergy sufferer, you will be able to identify with.

I invariably find patients who have read Dr. Devi's book more proficient assistants. They understand the treatment procedure more thoroughly and are able to provide me with insights into their condition I might not otherwise have, allowing me to treat them more effectively.

Dr. Devi's book can purchased from larger book stores or ordered from major online booksellers.


As for fees, payment for treatments is as follows: There is a $95 initial processing and evaluation fee.  Each treatment is $60, due when I have informed you that you have been treated.

For your convenience you may pay every third treatment.  I usually recommend a maximum of three treatments per week--or less if you desire.

I bill through PayPal, giving you the option of using a credit card.  Their transactions are very secure as long as their security recommendations are followed.  None of my patients have ever had security problems with PayPal.